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Howdy from Texas

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Hi everyone,

so, I'll make the start here 馃榿 ....

Living in TX since last year - "typical" motorcyclist in regards to age 馃槑 and addicted to the Transalp since I received my motorbike driver's licence in 1991. Unfortunately, I never made it to own a Transalp, but at least a Honda (it was a CB500 (PC 26) was mine for a couple of years before I had to sell it in 1996.

Now that everyone knows 100% for sure that the new Transalp will come, here we go. Officially presented in Milan yesterday 馃檶 ! And it's so awesome!

Thanks for this forum by the way - we will fill it with life.

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Hey @Hopeless-Wanderer ,

nothing at this moment. What about you? Why don't you introduce yourself as well? Makes the community atmosphere kind of family-like 馃槈 ...
Have a great one!
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Hello @Hopeless-Wanderer ,

guess we're soulmates 馃榿 ...
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