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I've just ordered the new Transalp and thought that there must be a forum for this bike. I'm based in Shropshire (UK) and been riding for 50 years. My current bike is a 2007 VFR800 which I've enjoyed immensely but it was time for a change to something lighter and more suited to rambling around the Welsh hills.

Delivery for the new bike is sometime in May. Can't wait.
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Hey @RickyTstairs ,

welcome to the club also from my side. Good choice and congrats - we'll happily await your first pics of the new one. You might be the first user here to actually own one 馃榿 ...

Enjoy your time waiting for it - don't get frustrated, if the days seem to pass too slow. Make the best of it. On our side of the ocean noone knows when (or if at all) it'll be available 馃槱 ...

Have a great start into the new week.
Hey @RickyTstairs ,

our hope dies last 馃榿 . And yes, you guys in Europe are extremely lucky, but we'll see what'll happen on our side of the ocean...

Have a good start into the new week.
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