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I've just ordered the new Transalp and thought that there must be a forum for this bike. I'm based in Shropshire (UK) and been riding for 50 years. My current bike is a 2007 VFR800 which I've enjoyed immensely but it was time for a change to something lighter and more suited to rambling around the Welsh hills.

Delivery for the new bike is sometime in May. Can't wait.
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I've had the VFR 10 years would you believe. I bought it to tour around Europe and it was ideal for that. Times change and my riding is now mostly local and I wanted something more comfortable and a lot lighter. Previous to the VFR I had two Suzuki SV's which I loved, a gen 1 and then a gen 2. The Transalp appealed to me as it's light, practical, better egonomics and far better looking than most adventure bikes and is a lot less complicated than the VFR. I've had a number of bike in my 50 years of riding but I won't list them all, but they include an Yamaha RD350YPVS, Suzuki GT750, Honda CX650, Suzuki GS550e, Suzuki GSX750esd.
I'm sure the new Transalp will be available stateside eventually. I recall when the Suzuki SV650s was first released, the faired version wasn't available in the US and frustrated riders had to import it from Canada.
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